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City of South Lake Tahoe Clean-Up Reorganization; LAFCO Project No. 2024-01

Annexation of 90 parcels (411.8 acres) to the City of South Lake Tahoe, with concurrent detachment from the Lake Valley Fire Protection District.

The affected territory is located in unincorporated El Dorado County, within the City of South Lake Tahoe's sphere of influence.  The area includes private and public parcels, including the Tahoe Valley Campground, the Upper Truckee Marsh, and parcels adjacent to the City's boundary southeast of the Sierra Tract and Barton Memorial Hospital. 

The City of South Lake Tahoe submitted application to LAFCO initiating proceedings for the proposed reorganization in the interest of providing efficient governmental services.  The affected territory currently receives municipal services from El Dorado County and Lake Valley Fire Protection District, even though it is adjacent to the City of South Lake Tahoe and accessed only through City streets, and is geographically removed from the rest of the inhabited portions of El Dorado County.  After annexation, the City would provide all core municipal services, including street maintenance, snow removal, police, fire protection, and emergency response.

Proposal Map and APN List

City of South Lake Tahoe Resolution of Application

Project Information Form