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Commission Meeting



Item 2D, Execution for a Two-Year Extension on the LAFCO Office Lease

Item 2E, Amend the Policies & Guidelines Regarding the Public Member Selection Process

                 Attachment A

Item 4, Conducting Authority Protest Hearing for the Clarksville Annexation (2009-01)

               Attachment A           Attachment B          Attachment C

              Attachment D

Item 5, County Service Area #2 Final MSR-SOI (2009-08)

               Attachment A           Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment C, Exhibit A

Item 6, Changes to the Policies and Workplan for the Municipal Service Reviews (MSRs) and Sphere of Influence (SOI) Updates

               Attachment A           Attachment B          Attachment B1

               Attachment C           Attachment C1        Attachment C2

               Attachment C3         Attachment D          Attachment D1

               Attachment D2         Attachment E           Attachment F

               Attachment G           Attachment H           Attachment I 

               Attachment J            Attachment K           Attachment L

               Attachment M

Item 7A, Legislation

                 Addendum          Addendum Attachment A

                 Addendum Attachment B