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Brand Annexation to the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District; LAFCO Project No. 2023-01

Annexation of a single parcel, APN 088-031-061 (120 acres, formerly APNs 088-031-032, -033, -034, -035, -036 and -037), into the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District (GDPUD) for water service. Annexation into GDPUD is requested by the landowner to obtain water service for a future single-family residence. The property is currently vacant, no development is proposed at this time. The subject parcel was formed in 2023 as part of an approved Certificate of Compliance application to merge 6 parcels split improperly in the 1980s back into the original 120-acre parcel. The parcel is located on the west side of Sheepherder Ridge Road, approximately 1,300 feet west of the intersection with Stewart Mine Road, in the Kelsey area.

Project Map