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El Dorado LAFCO is composed of seven regular Commissioners: two members from the Board of Supervisors; two members who represent cities; two members who represent special districts; and one public member who represents the public as a whole. There are four alternate Commissioners; one from each of the above membership categories.

County representatives (regular and aternate) to LAFCO are selected as part of the Board of Supervisors' committee assignment process.

City representatives (regular and alternate) to LAFCO are selected by the mayors of both cities.  They decide which members of their city councils will serve on LAFCO.

Special district representatives (regular and alternate) to LAFCO are nominated and elected by the special districts in the County of El Dorado.  The LAFCO Executive Officer first coordinates a nomination process whereby all special districts may nominate one of their own directors (or the director of another special district) to appear on the ballot.  Once the nomination period closes, the Executive Officer then coordinates an election where all special districts are eligible to vote.  Special rules adopted by special districts govern this election process.

The regular county, city and special district members of LAFCO select one person to represent the public at large and one person to serve as his/her alternate.  The public member and alternate cannot be an elected or appointed official of any public agency in the County of El Dorado.