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El Dorado County Fire Protection District Island Annexation; LAFCO Project No. 2020-01

The El Dorado County Fire Protection District (EDCFPD) submitted a resolution of application to LAFCO for the annexation of fourteen separate island areas, including a total of 159 parcels (approximately 5,447.7 acres), in order to provide fire protection and emergency medical services to areas not currently within EDCFPD boundaries. The islands are located in the Cool, Pilot Hill, Shingle Springs, Placerville, Camino, and Pollock Pines areas. The islands are completely surrounded by the current EDCFPD boundaries and are within the EDCFPD sphere of influence. Please see the attached resolution for a map and complete parcel list. 

Resolution and map

High resolution map of the annexation areas (zoom in for a closer look)

List of APNs in the annexation areas, sorted by area (includes the amount of the special tax per parcel)

EDCFPD Service Plan