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Commission Meeting



Item 2D, Georgetown Divide Recreation District Draft MSR (2011-02)

                  Attachment A

Item 2E, Amendment to the Policies and Guidelines Regarding the Disposal of Assets

                  Attachment A

Item 2F, Matson & Isom Letter Regarding the Preparation of FY210-11 Audit

Item 4, Oath of Office

Item 5, Countywide Fire Suppression and Emergency Services Final MSR-SOI (2008-02)

               Attachment A          Attachment A, Appendix A

               Attachment A, Appendix B        Attachment A, Appendix C

               Attachment A, Appendix D        Attachment A, Map 1

               Attachment A, Map 2         Attachment A, Map 3

               Attachment A, Map 4          Attachment A, Map 5

               Attachment A, Map 6          Attachment A, Map 7

               Attachment A, Map 8          Attachment A, Map 9

               Attachment A, Map 10        Attachment A, Map 11

               Attachment A, Map 12        Attachment A, Map 13

               Attachment A, Map 14        Attachment A, Map 15

               Attachment A, Map 16        Attachment A, Map 17

               Attachment A, Map 18        Attachment A, Map 19

               Attachment A, Map 20        Attachment A, Map 21

               Attachment A, Map 22        Attachment A, Map 23

               Attachment A, Map 24        Attachment A, Map 25

               Attachment A, Map 26        Attachment A, Map 27

               Attachment B

Item 6, Waiver of LAFCO Fees for Tahoe paradise Resort Improvement District Conversion

                Attachment A

Item 7, Policy to Amend Proposals

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment E          Attachment F

Item 8A, Legislation

                  Attachment A          Attachment B

Item 8B1, Designation of Voting Delegates for CALAFCO Conference

Item 8B2, SDRMA Board of Directors Election

                    Attachment A          Attachment B