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Commission Meeting



Item 2D, El Dorado Irrigation District and Cameron Park Community Services District Draft MSRs-SOIs

Item 4, General Government Services I Final MSR-SOI

               Attachment A

Item 5, City of South Lake Tahoe, Cameron Estates, Cosumnes River, El Dorado Hills, Fallen Leaf Lake, Greenstone Country, Showcase Ranches and Spring Meadows Community Services Districts, Count Service Areas #3, #5, and #9, Georgetown Divide Recreation District and Tahoe Paradise Improvement Resort District Final MSRs-SOIs

               Attachment A1          Attachment A2          Attachment C1

               Attachment C2          Attachment D1          Attachment D2

               Attachment E1          Attachment E2           Attachment F1

               Attachment F2          Attachment G1           Attachment G2

               Attachment H1          Attachment H2          Attachment I1

               Attachment I2            Attachment J1           Attachment J2

               Attachment K1           Attachment K2          Attachment L1

               Attachment L2           Attachment M1          Attachment M2

               Attachment N1           Attachment N2

Item 6, Proposed Work Plan for FY2008-09

Item 7, Proposed Budget for FY2008-09

               Attachment A          Attachment B           Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment E

Item 8A, Legislation

                 Attachment A