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Commission Meeting



Item 6C, LAFCO Salary Schedule 

                  Attachment A          Attachment A, Exhibit A

Item 6D, South Tahoe Public Utility Distrct Draft MSR-SOI (2012-01)

Item 6E, Meeting Calendar for 2013

Item 8, Shingle Springs Rancheria Reorganization (2012-04)

               Attachment A        Attachment B        Attachment C

               Attachment D        Attachment E        Attachment F

               Attachment G        Attachment H       Attachment H, Exhibit A

               Attachment I

Item 9, Contract Between El Dorado LAFCO and the California Public Retirement System

               Attachment A        Attachment A, Exhibit A        Attachment B

               Attachment C

Item 10A, Legislation

Item 12, Amendment to the Executive Officer's Contract

                 Attachment A