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Commission Meeting



Item 4C, Fleege Request to Waive Mileage Reimbursement

Item 4D, Grego Resolution of Appreciation

Item 4E, Hagen Resolution of Appreciation

Item 4F, Nutting Resolution of Appreciation

Item 4G, Sweeney Resolution of Appreciation

Item 4H, Audit for FY2011-12

Item 4I, Clarksville Business Park Annexation Time Extension (2009-01)

Item 4J, La Canada Annexation Time Extension (2010-03)

Item 6, Agricultural Presentation

Item 7, Shingle Springs Rancheria Reorganization (2012-04)

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C          Handouts

Item 8, South Tahoe Public Utilities District Final MSR-SOI (2012-01)             

               Attachment A          Attachment A, Appendix A

               Attachment A, Appendix B          Attachment A, Appendix C

               Attachment A, Appendix D          Attachment A, Appendix E

               Attachment A, Appendix F           Attachment A, Map 1

               Attachment A, Map 2          Attachment A, Map 3

               Attachment A, Map 4          Attachment A, Map 5

               Attachment A, Map 6          Attachment A, Map 7

               Attachment B

Item 9, Resolution of Intention to Approve a Contract Between El Dorado LAFCO and the California Public Retirement System

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment E          Handouts

Item 10, Project Plan for the Next Cycle of Municpal Service Reviews (MSRs)

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment D 

Item 11A, Legislation

Item 11D3a, Nominations for the SDRMA Board of Directors