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Commission Meeting



Item 4C, Mette Resolution of Appreciation

Item 4D, Local Agency Biennial Notice

Item 6, El Dorado Hills County Water District and the Latrobe Fire Protection District MSR (2014-05)

               Attachment A     Attachment A, Map 1      Attachment A, Map 2

               Attachment A, Map 3       Attachment A, Map 4

               Attachment A, Map 5       Attachment A, Map 6

               Attachment A, Map 7       Attachment A, Map 8

               Attachment A, Map 9       Attachment A, Map 10

               Attachment A, Map 11     Attachment A, Map 12

               Attachment A, Appendix A          Attachment  B

Item 7, El Dorado County Fire MSR (2014-06)

               Attachment A         Attachment B         Attachment C

Item 8, Dissolution of Latrobe FPD and Reorganzation of Latrobe FPD and El Dorado Hills County Water District and El Dorado County FPD (2014-04)

               Attachment A        Attachment B         Attachment C, Exhibit A

               Attachment D, Exhibit B      Attachment E          Attachment F 

               Attachment F, Exhibit A       Attachment G         

               Attachment G, Exhibit A      Attachment H

Item 9, Diamante Reorganization (2014-01)

               Attachment A         Attachment B         Attachment C

               Attachment D         Attachment E         Attachment F

               Attachment F, Exhibit A

Item 10, CALAFCO Recuirtment

Item 11A, Legislation

                   Attachment A

Items 11D3a-b, Correspondence