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Commission Meeting



Item 3D, Amendment to Contract with Best, Best & Krieger

                 Attachment A

Item 3E, Legislative Analyst's Office Report on Special Districts and LAFCO

                 Attachment A          Attachment B

Item 7, Proposed Work Plan for FY2012-13

              Attachment A

Item 8, Proposed Budget for FY2012-13

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment E

Item 9, Clarksville Business Park Annexation Time Extension (2009-01)

               Attachment A          Attachment B

Item 10, Direction to Staff Relating to Audits

Item 12A, Legislation

                   Attachment A

Item 12D3a, Joint Consolidation Final Draft Report to the Boards

Item 12D3b, SDRMA