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Commission Meeting



Item 4D, El Dorado Hills County Water District and the Latrobe Fire Protection District MSR (2014-05)

                  Attachment A            Attachment A, Map 1        

                  Attachment A, Map 2          Attachment A, Map 3

                  Attachment A, Map 4          Attachment A, Map 5

                  Attachment A, Map 6          Attachment A, Map 7

                  Attachment A, Map 8          Attachment A, Map 9

                  Attachment A, Map 10        

Item 7, Shingle Springs Montessori School Out-of-Agency Service Agreement (2014-06)

               Attachment A          Attachment B           Attachment C

               Attachment D, Addendum         Attachment D, Errata MND

Item 8, Draft Policy on Implementing SB 244 D

               Attachment A          Attachment B           Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment E

Item 10A, Legislation

                   Attachment A          Attachment B

Item 10D, EO Report

                   Attachment A