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Commission Meeting



Item 2D, Audit for FY2009-2010

Item 2E, Birdwell Resolution of Appreciation

Item 2F, Cooper Resolution of Appreciation

Item 2G, Countywide Fire Suppression and Emergency Services Draft MSR-SOI (2008-02)

                  Attachment A          Appendix A         Appendix B

                  Appendix C       Map 1        Map 2        Map 3       Map 4

                  Map 5          Map 6          Map 7          Map 8          Map 9         

                  Map 10         Map 11        Map 12        Map 13        Map 14

                  Map 15       Map 16         Map 17        Map 18         Map 19

                  Map 20        Map 21       Map 22         Map 23       Map 24

                  Map 25        Map 26        Map 27 

Item 2H, Policy for the Selection of the LAFCO Public Member

                  Attachment A

Item 2I, Continuation of the Public Hearing for La Canada Annexation (2010-03)

Item 2J, Clarksville Business Park Annexation Time Extension (2009-01)

Item 2K, Alto Reorganization Time Extension (2009-10)

Item 2L, Amendment to Contract wth Best, Best & Krieger

                 Attachment A

Item 5, Georgetown Divide Public Utility District Annexation of Buckeye Parcels (2010-02)

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment D, Exhibit A

Item 6, Proposed Work Plan for FY2011-12

               Attachment A

Item 7, Proposed Budget for FY2011-12

               Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

               Attachment D          Attachment E

Item 8, Potential Changes to the Commission's Policy on Alternate Commissioners

 Item 9, Policy Directing/Empowering Staff to Identify and INclude all Affected Agencies in Reorganizations

                Attachment A

Item 10, CALAFCO's Recommended Guidelines for Reporting LAFCO Staff Compensation  

                 Attachment A          Attachment B

Item 11, Meeks Bay FPD's Request for a Special Meeting

                 Attachment A

Item 12A, Legislation

Item 12D3a, Vacant Director Seat on SDRMA Board