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Commission Meeting



Item 4C, Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District Draft MSR-SOI (2011-05)

                 Attachment A        Attachment A, Appendix A

                 Attachment A, Appendix B           Attachment A, Appendix C

                 Attachment A, Map 1          Attachment A, Map 2

                 Attachment A, Map 3          Attachment A, Map 4

                 Attachment A, Map 5

Item 6, Oath of Office

Item 7, Indemnity Agreement with the County of El Dorado

               Attachment A          Handout

Item 8, Grassy Run CSD Dissolution Reimbursement

                Attachment A          Attachment B           Attachment C


Item 9, Nominations for the CALAFCO Governing Board and CALAFCO Achievement Awards

                Attachment A          Attachment B           Attachment C

Item 10, Voting Delegates to the CALAFCO Conference

                   Attachment A          Handout

Item 11, Reschedule or Cancel the July and August 2013 Meetings

Item 12, SDRMA Board of Directors Election

                 Attachment A          Attachment B           Attachment C

Item 13A, Legislation

                   Attachment A