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Commission Meeting



Item 2E, Commissioners' Terms of Office Realignment and Changes to the Commission's Policies and Guidelines

                 Attachment A

Item 4, Naef Reorganization (05-06)

              Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

              Attachment D          Attachment E

Item 5, Kregoski Annexation (2006-02)

              Attachment A          Attachment B          Attachment C

              Attachment D          Attachment E          Attachment F

Item 6, Proposed Work Plan for FY2007-08

Item 7, Proposed Budget for FY2007-08

              Attachment A          Attachment A, Supplemental

              Attachment B          Attachment B, Supplemental

              Attachment C          Attachment C, Supplemental

              Attachment D          Attachment D, Supplemental

              Attachment E          Attachment E, Supplemental

              Attachment F          Attachment G

Item 8A, Legislation

                 Attachment A          Attachment B